Our Story

How it started....

Christ Fellowship Church began as burden in the heart of our  lead pastor, Justin  Ely, around 2011. He desired to see a local church centered on the gospel, community and mission. In the fall of 2016, Justin and his wife Hillary asked a group of people to pray about uniting in this vision and planting a local church together. In January 2017, a group of people committed to joining the launch team, the group that would get the church up and running.

On August 27, 2017, 38 people from the launch team covenanted together to live out the Christian life as a local church. They signed our church covenant together and took the Lord's Supper together for the first time...and Christ Fellowship Church began! 

Expanding the vision...

After months of prayer, planning and outreach, the new church plant was ready to gather for weekly public worship.  On October 1, 2017, Christ Fellowship Church met for its first public worship gathering in the gym of Holcomb Bridge Middle School. Over 100 people showed up!

The church continued to reach out to our neighbors with the gospel, gather people into community and send them on mission.

 As Christ Fellowship Church continued to grow, we pursued an opportunity to expand beyond the middle school to a leased building, which became our new home  in  August 2018. 

Our hope for the future...

As we move forward, our vision stays the same. We exist to glorify God through the gospel, in community and on mission. We aim to glorify God through the gospel by worshiping Christ corporately, preaching Christ expositionally and following Christ prayerfully. We seek to glorify God in community by living life together, prioritizing church membership and developing godly leaders. We hope to glorify God on mission by engaging the lost, equipping the church and embracing the vulnerable.

We are excited to be a gospel-centered community on a mission to make Jesus known. We would love for you to join us!