Mission pARTNERS prayer requests

As a church, we love to pray for God's work around the world. Here are some of the ways you can pray for our partners this month!

North American Mission Board

Send Network’s Spanish-language residencies train planters to reach Hispanics in Puerto Rico beyond simply speaking the language. Church planters come out of the residencies ready to fully engage culturally and meet the needs Hispanics face in varying contexts. Send Network’s Spanish-language residency program lasts 17 weeks, during which residents take courses covering calling, character, discipline and church life, among others. In the last five years, over 70 percent of churches planted by residency planters have passed the three-year mark since being planted. Please continue to pray for these numbers to grow. 

King's Hill Church

As a post-Christian city, Boston can be a tough place to thrive as a follower of Jesus. As a response to this, we are partnering with King's Hill to help "adopt" some of their members. We have been given four households interested in being "adopted." CFC Members that adopt a King's Hill member will regularly pray for and check in with them. You can find more about the members getting adopted here. Note there is a video link on each picture.  Email us if you are interested in adopting a member.

International Mission Board

Please continue to pray for our missionary “Daniel” as he works through the new language curriculum and coding program for his outreach ministry in the North Africa/Middle East region.

Note: Name is changed and the region is left vague for security reasons.

Mully Children's Family

When MCF began the ministry 33 years ago, they quickly recognized the critical importance education plays in the transformation process. Over 22,000 children have been rescued and successfully completed the MCF program. These beneficiaries have returned to their communities to live productive and dignified lives as teachers, doctors, lawyers, business professionals and leaders. MCF is breaking the cycle of poverty and changing their communities one child at a time! Please continue to pray for their students as they have recently started a new school year. If you would like to donate to Once Child, One Class, One School, please see this link

Promise 686

Continue to pray for the three care communities that will soon support three families within CFC.  If you are interested in joining a care community, please email us.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

There are less than 900 fully translated bible languages in the World. Please continue to pray for those that are currently unreached and for those actively working to translate scripture. This video is a great illustration of how God can move through translators.

North Fulton Community Charities

NFCC distributes more than $1.4 million in emergency financial assistance (rent, utilities, & other necessities) each year. Please continue to pray for the individuals receiving this assistance and that they will see Christ’s love through this aide.

A Beacon of Hope

A  Beacon of Hope is currently looking for a new Engagement Director.  Please pray that God would lead the right person to this role so Beacon can continue serving women and babies in need.