The leadership at CFC wants to be sure that the women of CFC always feel cared for, comfortable, respected, and safe. The Women's Shepherding Team was formed toward that end. While your shepherding elder is always available to you for prayer requests, guidance, and support, if there is anything you are uncomfortable sharing with him, Women's Shepherding Team members are available to pray for, pray with, and walk alongside you through any struggle or situation. In addition to prayer requests, the team may be helpful in other ways; for example, if you ever have a meeting with one of the pastors or your shepherding elder and you are nervous or feel uncomfortable, a team member can attend with you upon request. Another example would be if you ever feel unsafe in your home and you don't know where to turn; the team can offer guidance and support. The team leader is the deacon for women's ministry, and the current team is pictured.

From left to right: Hillary Ely, Marcia Shearer, Meredith Chen, Sarah Burruss.
If you have a prayer request you would like to share with the Women's Shepherding Team, feel free to fill out this form. It will be sent to Meredith Chen, Deacon for Women's Ministry, who will then share it with a trusted member of the Women's Shepherding Team to pray for you and connect with you, if you wish.