Our Vision



We were created to magnify the greatness of God by enjoying Him supremely. This is what is means to glorify God and this is what we seek to do as a church above all else. But instead of enjoying God, all of us have sought our enjoyment elsewhere, which means it is impossible for us to glorify God on our own effort. We can only do it through the gospel.

...Through  The gospel

The gospel is the good news that although we have rebelled against a holy, just God, rightly earning his judgment, God responded to us with love. He sent his one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to live the life we couldn’t live, perfectly fulfilling the law of God in our place. He then died the death we deserved to die, perfectly taking the wrath of God in our place. The third day, he rose from the dead, proving He conquered sin, Satan and death, giving new life to all who repent of their sins and believe in Him. The gospel changes everything by first changing our relationship with God. It transforms us from being enemies of God to friends of God, from spiritual orphans to children of God. The gospel enables us to glorify God by truly enjoying Him through a faith relationship with Jesus Christ. We desire to root our church on this good news by making it the central motivating force behind all we do. But we don't just glorify God as individuals because the gospel doesn't just redeem individuals, it forms a new community. 

...in community

This new community is a spiritual family, brought together not by race, language, nationality or even common interests, but by a common experience with God’s grace in Jesus Christ. We glorify God in community by acting as a counterculture to the main culture around us, seeking to build relationships based on sacrificial giving rather than on selfish getting. However, this new community doesn't just exist for the good of themselves, but are sent out by God on mission to the world. 

...On Mission

This new community is sent out on mission to be faithful to the Great Commission, by making disciples of all nations and the Great Commandment, by loving God and neighbor. As a church, we aim to glorify God on mission sharing Christ, doing justice and planting churches.