Missions prayer requests

As a church, we love to pray for God's work around the world. Here are some of the ways you can pray for our partners this month!

North American Mission Board

Paul Sabino planted Salt Church in Gainesville, Florida: Pray my family would experience renewed intimacy with the Lord and that my wife’s depression will end. Pray God would show me how to lead well and that our church would experience evangelistic growth and be able to bless our city.

King's Hill Church

Please continue to pray for Kings Hill Church for leadership and member sustainability during the coming months. 

International Mission Board

The International Mission Board is introducing the GO IMPACT program for teens. It’s an avenue for youth groups to serve together overseas with an IMB missionary team. Groups of teenagers age 15 and up can join the long-term, strategic efforts of IMB missionaries already overseas. In total, 28 opportunities are currently available for students to do their part in helping believers see the Revelation 7:9 vision become a reality.

Mully Children's Family

  • Prayer for Physical and Spiritual Revival: pray that there will be water in the rivers to quench the thirst of millions of Kenyans who are experiencing hunger and a lock of water to a point of losing their lives.
  • Prayer for Provision: pray for abundance in provision of rains. Once it starts raining, it will take approximately four months for food to grow and be ready for harvest. 
  • Prayer for Healing: pray for the children that MCF rescues each day that have undergone severe emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

Promise 686

Please pray for the ornaments that have been displayed on the CFC Christmas Giving Tree. These include children living with grandparents and DFCS case workers. 

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Recent highlights from the Sea 2 include the team recording several sessions of an online literacy class and that one staff member started a Scripture listening group in her home. Please continue to pray that God would transform lives through His Word and for protection from COVID-19.

North Fulton Community Charities

North Fulton Community Charities celebrated fifty years of easing the hardships of those facing housing and food insecurity for the North Fulton community Though NFCC did have to scale back services for a while, they’ve begun to return to normal operations now with added safety precautions. Please continue to pray for those in need of NFCC’s assistance and that their hearts will be softened to the gospel.