In time like these,  the most important thing we could give to our community is the hope of the gospel. Your giving to our local church enables us to continue vital gospel ministry, provide benevolence to those in our church family in need, and financially support our church partners (including North Fulton Community Charities who are working to address hunger and job loss that have resulted as a result of COVID-19). Click here to give online.


North Fulton Community Charities’ mission is to build self-sufficiency and prevent homelessness and hunger in our community by providing emergency assistance and enrichment programs.  Christ Fellowship Church is partnered with NFCC  to help alleviate hunger and homelessness by helping people who are without a job or food.

Help us contribute to our NFCC Food Drive:
  1. Go to and review their list of food they need
  2. Purchase items at your local store (Please wash hands before and after your store visit)
  3. Deliver groceries outside the front door of the church in the boxes provided
  4. Contact Daniel Chen at [email protected] when you have dropped off your goods or if you would like to volunteer helping taking food to NFCC
  5. The food will be delivered to North Fulton Community Charities every Thursday


During this time, we encourage everyone to love each other and love others outside the church as well.  We want to be a church that lives out Philippians 2:3 and Matthew 22:37-39 by considering others more significant than ourselves and loving our neighbors as ourselves. We encourage everyone to reach out to coworkers, neighbors, or anyone you may be in contact with and ask how you can help and pray for them.  We also suggest posting on social media allowing others know that you and our church are here to help:

Hi Facebook friends! My church Christ Fellowship Church and I want to love you and our community well during this time of uncertainty. If you have any questions about faith, God, or need prayers we would love to pray for you or answer any questions you may have. Also, if you or a neighbor needs help in any way whether it is groceries, food, toilet paper, or need something delivered pleased don’t hesitate to ask me or the church. Jesus taught that the two greatest commandments were to love God and love neighbor. You can contact the church by clicking below or contact me through direct messaging.