September Missions prayer requests

As a church, we love to pray for God's work around the world. Here are some of the ways you can pray for our partners this month!

North American Mission Board

Please pray for Daniel Santander and his wife, Carolina, serve the church plant La Iglesia en Johnson Ferry in Marietta, Georgia – “Pray for us as we partner with other churches to reach second- and third-generation Hispanic Americans in Metro Atlanta. Pray also for wisdom as we parent our children and keep family as our first ministry."

King's Hill Church

Please continue to pray for the leadership of King’s Hill Church:
  • Teaching Pastor – Jonathan Moseley
  • Pastoral Associate – Kevin Henderson
  • Tech Team Leader – Thomas Maldonado
  • Communications Team Leader – Soriah Hassanizadeh
  • First Impressions Team Leader – Leah Regester

International Mission Board

Please pray for the believing Zenu of Colombia to grow in knowledge and maturity as believers. Pray that they will share Bible stories with unbelieving friends, family, and neighbors.

Mully Children's Family

Please continue to pray for MCF in its endeavors to target a population of the less fortunate persons, who due to circumstances beyond their control, find themselves in a state of disadvantage. These groups include the vulnerable children (orphans, street children, child laborers, etc.) and the community (widows and widowers, those suffering from terminal illness, victims of natural disasters, etc.).

Promise 686

Please continue to pray for Promise 686 as they equip churches to:
  • Recruit and equip families to care for at-risk kids
  • Serve foster and adoptive families as well as biological families in crisis
  • Advocate on behalf of families and vulnerable children
  • Minister to families and meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs

Wycliffe Bible Translators

The biggest prayer would be that the locals in this region will be impacted by translated Scripture. Wycliffe team members plan to check their draft of 2 Corinthians with a translation consultant soon virtually; please pray that their technology will operate smoothly. We send praises to God for the progress the team has made while working from home.

North Fulton Community Charities

NFCC distributed more than 1,800 backpacks to children in need last month. Please pray for these students as they begin a new year of learning during unprecedented times. We pray that these families will come to know Christ as their Savior and grow in knowledge and maturity as believers.