Missions prayer requests

As a church, we love to pray for God's work around the world. Here are some of the ways you can pray for our partners this month!

North American Mission Board

Jarrod Reed is an Army Reserve Chaplain and a pastor serving Redemption Church in Jacksonville, Florida: “I am serving both as a chaplain in the U.S. Army Reserve and as a pastor at Redemption Church in Jacksonville, Florida. I need God’s wisdom and grace for both of these. Specifically, ask the Lord to unite our church and to help my family and me connect well with our new church family. Also, this month my reserve unit has a family battle assembly that I hope my family can participate in, Lord willing.”

King's Hill Church

There will be a lot of transitioning in January as church members will be moving on the first of the month. The Moseley’s will be traveling to family for the Christmas season; please pray for safe travels with three young children.  

International Mission Board

The IMB and Send Relief are calling on Southern Baptists to pray for Indonesia in the aftermath of Mount Semeru’s recent volcanic eruption. Indonesia’s Mount Semeru erupted on Dec. 4. Initial reports show that the eruption has caused 34 deaths, 169 injuries, 17 missing people, 3,697 displaced. At least 5,205 people have been affected by the disaster.

Mully Children's Family

In the last eleven months, many children of all ages have been rescued into the Mully Children's Family fraternity. As we listen to the life experience of each child, they echo the similar sentiments: "if MCF had not come to my rescue, my life would have been shattered, or I would not be alive today.” Since January 2021, more than 1200 children have found MCF to be a loving home and a new family they can call their own. Please pray for all the newly rescued beneficiaries, that God will align them to his will in their lives and that they will receive healing in their body, soul and spirit.

Promise 686

Thank God for CFC's generosity - the ornament gifts from the Giving Tree were delivered December 16th. DCFS has asked for prayer in the following areas:
  • Safety from COVID as they continue to meet with people in the community
  • For their open job posting(s) to be filled

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe missionaries are passionate about helping people get the Bible, and you can help them make God’s name known among the nations by partnering with them in prayer. Whether you’re asking God to bless their ministries or praying for their safe travels, we have seven points you can use to fuel your prayers for missionaries and Bible translation work around the world.
  • Pray for open doors
  • Pray for boldness
  • Pray that God’s word will spread
  • Pray for protection
  • Pray for effective ministry
  • Pray for travel
  • Pray for refreshment

North Fulton Community Charities

NFCC’s Development and Engagement Team is discussing how best to serve their clients. Please pray for help and guidance to work through this. And of course, prayers to keep their clients, staff, and volunteers safe and warm through the winter would be much appreciated!